"So while our art cannot, as we wish it could, save us from wars, privation, envy, greed, old age, or death, it can revitalize us amidst it all."

- Ray Bradbury

My Books

Sick & Tragic

Bastard Son

An abandoned son. A lonely father.

A perverted plot for revenge.

With an undiagnosed mental illness, a troubled past, and a hopeless future, gay teen, Zander Mason, is spending his days doing drugs, drinking, and indulging in risky behavior. When he turns eighteen, his mom tells him about his father, Clay, who he's never met and has always hated for abandoning the family. When he's told that his father is also gay, his mind is spinning. He's had anonymous sex with older men all over town. Could it be possible that he's accidentally hooked up with his own father? Then again, wouldn't that be the perfect revenge?
As his mental health deteriorates, and he starts to hallucinate colorful lights more and more, Zander follows through on an incestuous plot to get back at Clay. What he doesn't expect is to get romantically involved with his dad.
In this family drama, Clay, the lonely father of a teenage girl, meets an intense younger guy and can't help but start to fall for him. All the while, Clay is on the hunt for the son he was forced to give up. Eventually, the truth must come out. How long can Zander continue the lies?

This is a story-heavy gay romance, family drama, and tragedy with no HEA.

Content warnings: explicit sex, drug use, mental illness, religious abuse, child abuse/neglect, and animal abuse

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Such a Colorful Feeling

Book Two: Wally

Homeless since he was twelve and a drug addict just as long, fifteen-year-old Wally spends his days collecting recyclables, hanging out with his best friends, and singing to his heart's content in a town called Emporium.

When a new dealer shows up in place of their old one, Wally is immediately attracted and finds himself with the possibility of his first boyfriend. On the same night, the man he knows as Doc asks him if he'd like a job in a research lab.

The money is good, his new romance is developing quickly, and everything in life seems better than ever, but the new people in his life will bring more chaos into his world than he ever could have imagined. There are changes and dangers around every corner, and Wally is torn in two directions while wanting only peace for Emporium.

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Such a Colorful Feeling

Book Four: Jace


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Such a Colorful Feeling

Book One: OZZY

Ozzy could ruin Jace’s life to buy his own freedom…or let himself fall in love and save Jace’s life instead.

Two dozen new types of recreational drugs were invented in the eighties. Now there’s no one left who isn’t a user. As a result, civilization is falling to its knees. The skies are polluted, having a job puts you in the minority, and public services like health care and police protection are for the rich.
In a town called Emporium, Ozzy works as a rent boy in a seedy club. When Jace, an overdosing teenager, is dropped at his feet, Ozzy sees an opportunity. His cruel pimp and mayor will let him cross the guarded borders of town and escape to a better life if Ozzy finds his own replacement. Jace, although he’s disabled, seems like a candidate.
But things won’t be that simple. Jace is sick and won’t last long. Under increasing pressure to save himself from his pimp, Ozzy races to save the life of the guy he’s not supposed to be falling for.

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Such a Colourtful Feeling - High Resolut

Such a Colorful Feeling

Book Three: Doc

Here at the end of the world, could there still be something left to hope for?

Emporium is in ruins and so is Dr. Atul Sardana’s life. With thoughts of the people he’s lost and the lifelong scientific passions he’s failed at whirling in his mind, the man known mostly as Doc is taken in by his brother, Avi, and his brother’s head scientist, London. Doc has every intention of ending his own life, but with Avi, London, and a bodyguard preventing him from doing so, he finds another way to punish himself. Having avoided taking drugs his whole life, he decides to start trying out all of them. Instead of meeting resistance, his companions consider it a good idea and join in.


After a lifetime of pushing people away, drugs start giving Atul a way to let people in. In his brother, he sees remnants the young man who helped him when he needed it most, and with London, he starts to give in to a romantic spark that has been waiting for him for years.


But the world won’t allow Atul to heal for long. News reaches them that there is a poisonous fog taking over the southern reaches of the planet, and it’s swiftly moving northward. Their labs are sent a sample of the poison, but can they work quickly enough to save the world?

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