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Sick & Tragic Bastard Son - Beginnings

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Reading romance novels about kink of all sorts, some of which I didn't finish because it wasn't my kind of thing and I couldn't get through it, led me to writing this monstrous novel. I didn't like the fact that there was anything I couldn't get myself to read. Why did I have to be so sensitive? I started looking for books about taboo in general, diving into transgressive fiction, most of it written in the 90s. I read torture porn horror, Lolita, hilariously kinky stuff in the romance genre, and things I don't even want to list here. The natural next step was to ask myself what I could make myself write. And here we are.

I had several ideas about societal taboos in the beginning, but discovered that there were certain kinds of incest nobody wanted to write about, especially not sold as a romance. I found only one father/son romance novel. It was extremely badly written and unrealistic. Just like that, I had discovered what I perceived to be a hole in the cosmos, and I had to patch it up. (Please do comment and let me know about father/son romance books you think I may have missed! And I don't mean stepdads!)

Zander's psychosis and its symptoms came directly out of my own experiences with withdrawal from prescribed benzodiazepines. I didn't go nearly as crazy as he did, but I certainly did lose my mind for a month. I did a massive amount of writing in that state, but I don't know now if I wrote any material for Bastard Son during withdrawal or not. Like I said, I'd lost it!

Some people might question if tragic love stories belong in the romance genre, among unsuspecting romance readers, but it's as old as Romeo and Juliet. Who's going to argue with me over that!

I hope you enjoy the story, and keep an open mind as you go. It may not be (probably isn't) your usual cup of tea, but you picked it out for a reason. I challenged myself in order to write it. I now challenge you to finish reading.

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