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Ozzy: Such a Colorful Feeling Book One - Beginnings

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

This entire series started with a nightmare I had in my teens. My doctor had put me on a strong antidepressant that gave me dreams complete with full color, complex stories complete with soaring soundtracks. They were epic dreams. I sometimes woke up and wrote down what I'd seen and heard. One such dream was much simpler than the rest, but it packed a punch.

An anchorwoman on TV stood talking into a microphone about the madness occurring right behind her. Teenagers were dancing wildly in the dark, bloody faces to the sky, arms flailing, with giant grins on their faces. The woman told her audience that a new drug was sweeping every town in America. Parents felt powerless to prevent their children from sneaking out at night to cut into their heads and take drugs that seemed to make them oblivious to the horrific scene they were creating. If they were taken off the drug, they died. If they took the drug, they were very happy before they eventually stopped dancing abruptly and dropped dead to the ground. A girl who had just stopped dancing smiled into the camera for her interview, face masked in blood. The woman asked her why she came to the hill they stood on to dance with her friends every night. The girl just kept saying, "Oh it just feels amazing. You wouldn't believe it. I'm so happy! I feel like I'm flying all day. I'll never stop. I don't care about death anymore. People keep bringing that up, but it doesn't matter anymore at all! Everyone should try it!"

I did nothing with that nightmare for a long time. The description was in a notebook, which sat in a box full of journals that I'd kept over the decades. But when I started writing again in my thirties, I wanted to use it. Before I could do that, I had to imagine a world in which something like that could happen. I wrote Ozzy as a way to introduce not just the reader but myself into that world. Writing about Ozzy and Jace was a lot of fun for me, and hopefully you love it too.

Book Two, which centers on Wally, will tell you more about the wild world of "fielders", the kids who give up everything to take a drug that will definitely kill them. I hope you keep reading past book one and find out what Wally and Doc are up to.

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