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Such a Colorful Feeling Book Two: Wally

I'm REALLY into tragedy, and poor Wally has not escaped my obsession. But don't think it wasn't hard to put this kid through the ringer. Writing the ending made me cry! Editing it made me cry again!

In a tragic story arc, the main character starts out with a status quo, goes downhill, and stays down. It's the kind of story people love, but they don't know that unless they think about it enough. Romeo and Juliet, Game of Thrones, The Time Traveler's Wife, Never Let Me Go, Breaking Bad; all with tragic characters in them, yet people see the word tragedy and think, "Oh no! I want a happy ending!" I guess I've taken it upon myself to fight prejudice against tragic novels!

If you want to know more about how I came up with Wally's drug (fielders), read my post about writing book one, Ozzy. This whole series resulted from a nightmare I had about fielders when I was a teenager. Wally is the center of the series for me because of that, but oddly, his book deviates from Ozzy's since it's not romantic. Having a boyfriend does not equal romance, especially when fitting into the romance genre, but I'm realizing that I'm not a romance writer necessarily. I'm a LGBTQ writer. I'm hopeful that as I keep writing I'll find a great audience for gay stories that are simply about gay people, not always gay love.

All that said, Wally is longer than the first book, and I know you'll enjoy it just as much. Writing it was a wild ride.

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